Sell Your House As-Is

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You are ready to sell your house, but unfortunately, it needs a lot of repairs. You don’t have the money nor the motivation to fix it. Which leads to the question – Can you sell your house as-is?

repairs sell your house as-is

Fortunately, the answer is yes. You can sell your house in its current condition.

There’s two options to consider: 1) Listing with a real estate agent and 2) Selling to a real estate investor.

Let’s discuss both.

Listing Your House

If you want to sell your house as-is using a real estate agent, it is wise to first consult with them before making repairs.

As Elizabeth Weintraub of The Balance explains, a real estate agent can analyze the market and give you advice on what repairs you should make based on that analysis.

This is an excellent idea because if we are experiencing a seller’s market, then you might be able to get away with making little  repairs. Not only will this help you save money, it can also mean (depending on the condition of your house) that your house will sell at a good price.

Regardless of the state of the market, with the help of an agent, you can ensure you will spend money on repairs that are actually necessary.

Every state in the country has its own laws that require the disclosure of defects. These are required by law. Meaning, if you fail to disclose, you will be liable for anything that happens to the new homeowners.

Be sure to talk to your agent about what repairs are needed in order to be in accordance with the law.

For Texas regulations, you can check out this article.

As also explained in the linked article, many people looking to buy houses are comfortable with doing light repairs. Many of these light repairs are limited to the cosmetic realm and can be quick work.

With this in mind, it is not a bad idea to give your house a little cosmetic make over. Things like cleaning or replacing carpeting, holes in walls, cleaning etc.

Of course don’t overdo it, make sure the repairs are not so expensive that you end up losing money on the house.

Sell Your House As-Is To Us

sell your house as-is to us

If you are in an unfortunate situation where you cannot finance repairs, you have to sell fast, or you simply don’t want to engage in repairs; then we have a solution for you.

You can sell your house as-is to us!

Let’s face it, repairing your house can be a hassle. Especially if it needs major repairs

Light cosmetic repairs? Easy. Water leaks? Not so easy

If the extent of the defects on your house is large, then reality is that you will spend a ton of money repairing it.

Some of this damage will need the work of professionals; and what does hiring a professional mean? It most definitely means your wallet will suffer.

The money you will spend does not end on contractors either. If you hire a real estate agent, you will also have to pay him/her a portion of the money your house sells for.

We at EP Real Solutions have cash readily available to purchase your home. All it takes to get a no-obligation cash offer is a phone call to (915) 247-6043 or filling out the form on our website. We can meet at the property and tell you how much we can offer for your home.

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